AKRON, OH – September 11, 2013 – A breakthrough product, Applied Vision Corporation’s DecoMaster® color blanket monitoring system, inspects 100% of the blanket surface to provide proactive quality control and minimize decoration spoilage. Exposing problems at the source significantly impacts the number of costly and time-consuming Hold For Inspection (HFI) errors.

“DecoMaster reduces decorator-related HFI errors by as much as 70%,” confirmed Darren Hench, Executive Director of Sales, Applied Vision. “DecoMaster improves printing processes and prevents the need to sort pallets for problems. This leads to considerable time and money savings.”

Engineered by Applied Vision, DecoMaster is a pioneering earliest-detection monitoring system and the latest addition to the company’s easy-to-use KromaKing® color inspection tools for can makers. Built with a sturdy, robust optical imaging head and completely sealed housing to withstand harsh decorator environments, DecoMaster detects color shifts, cut blankets, ink blobs and smears, loss of color, excessive color and the absence of a date code at speeds up to 3,000 parts per minute. Flawed cans are immediately rejected off the line, opposed to continuing down the line where subsequent production processes add unwarranted costs.

Applied Vision has installed more than 50 DecoMaster systems, positioning DecoMaster as a proven solution for blanket error detection. Recipients include a diverse group of can manufacturers, including several of the leading providers of metal packaging for the food and beverage industry.

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